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Nottingham Personalised Therapy Oncology Research Group (NPTORG): Summary of Grant Funded Projects (2005 to 2013)

1. Project Title: Virtual cancer patient: simulated biomathmatical model for treatment personalisation in metastatic breast cancer (MBC)

The Virtual Cancer Patient (VCP) engine is a program designed to aid oncologists in predicting individual patient response to different drugs, through mathematically modelling the interplay between biological, pathological and pharmacological processes underlying drug-patient interactions. This project was a collaboration with Optimata, the programs developers, and aimed to test the accuracy of the VCP in predicting response to single agent Docetaxel or doxorubicin treatment in metastatic breast cancer patients. The primary end-point was to determine whether the VCP simulations retrieved the clinical scenario in terms of both response and toxicities.

Funding body 1: Cancer Research UK

Amount provided: £20,000.00

Funding Body 2: Optimata

Amount provided: £16,500.00

Chief Investigator: Dr Stephen Chan

Co-Investigator: Dr Abhik Mukherjee

Duration: 2005 to 2006

Publications resulting from this grant:

Published Abstract:

Virtual Cancer Patient (VCP) for treatment personalization: prediction accuracy in metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients

Mukherjee A, Chan S, Arakelyan L, Samuel A, Belianina E, Paish C, Ellis I, Dahan N, Agur Z.

The abstract was presented as a poster at NCRI 2006 Birmingham conference, in accordance with the conditions of the CRUK grant.


2.Project Title: Sanofi Aventis Research Grant

Funding body: Sanofi Aventis

Amount provided: £60,000.00

Chief Investigator: Dr Stephen Chan

Co-Investigator: Dr Abhik Mukherjee

Duration: 2006 to 2008


Biomarker Project

This project aimed to investigate the expression of redox proteins in breast cancer. Initially this focused on the thioredoxin family of proteins, examining if protein expression correlates with response to therapy in patients, with both early stage and locally advanced breast cancer. The projects second stage was then to discover if targeting the thioredoxin system, using either siRNA or novel drugs, can sensitise breast cancer cells to conventional therapies.

Biomarker based research publications resulting from this grant:

Research Article

2-[(1-methylpropyl)dithio]-1H-imidazole inhibits tubulin polymerization through cysteine oxidation

Huber K, Patel P, Zhang L, Evans H, Westwell AD, Fischer PM, Chan S, Martin S.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2008 Jan;7(1):143-51

Review Article

The thioredoxin system: a key target in tumour and endothelial cells

Mukherjee A, Martin SG.

Br J Radiol. 2008 Oct;81 Spec No 1:S57-68

Published Abstracts

Expression of thioredoxin system proteins in locally advanced breast cancer – correlations with response to anthracycline based chemotherapy (C/T)
Zhang, L; Chan, S; Mukherjee, A, et al.
Conference Information: 10th Nottingham International Breast Cancer Conference, Date: SEP 18-20, 2007 Nottingham ENGLAND
EJC SUPPLEMENTS   Volume: 5   Issue: 3   Pages: 16-16   Published: 2007
Biomarkers predicting response to a novel oral taxane DJ-927 in metastatic breast cancer (MBC)
Mukherjee, A; Shehata, MA; Huber, K, et al.
Conference Information: 10th Nottingham International Breast Cancer Conference, Date: SEP 18-20, 2007 Nottingham ENGLAND
EJC SUPPLEMENTS   Volume: 5   Issue: 3   Pages: 17-17   Published: 2007
Targeting the thioredoxin system in breast cancer treatment
Huber, K; Zhang, L; Church, J, et al.
EJC SUPPLEMENTS   Volume: 4   Issue: 12   Pages: 163-163   Published: NOV 2006
In vitro evaluation of potential thioredoxin inhibitors in breast cancer and endothelial cells
Zhang, L; Evans, H; Huber, K, et al.
EJC SUPPLEMENTS   Volume: 4   Issue: 12   Pages: 101-101   Published: NOV 2006


Clinical Project

This projects aim was to investigate the potential of low dose weekly Docetaxel as an effective, and well tolerated, treatment for metastatic breast cancer patients with severe haematological/hepatic dysfunction.

Clinical research publications resulting from this grant:

Clinical Published Abstracts

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients with hepatic or haematological dysfunction: Efficacy and safety of a novel weekly regime of Docetaxel
AS Dhadda, A Mukherjee, M Shehata, R Molife, S Chan

3.Project Title: Redox proteins in breast cancer

This project aims to investigate the prognostic and predictive potential of redox proteins, in determining response to chemotherapy in Breast Cancer.

Funding Body: Breast Cancer Campaign

Amount provided: £139,514.00

Chief Investigator: Stuart Martin

Co-Investigators: Stephen Chan, Poulam Patel, Ian Ellis, Andrew Green, David Morgan.

Duration: 2007 to 2010

Publications resulting from this grant:

Research Article

Redox protein expression predicts Anthracycline based chemotherapeutic response in locally advanced breast cancer patients

CM Woolston, SJ Storr, L Zhang, A Al-Attar; M Shehata; IO Ellis, SY Chan; SG Martin.

Breast Cancer Res Treat

4.Project Title: Screening monoclonal antibodies for potential use in ovarian cancer

This project sought to aid the testing and development of monoclonal antibodies (mabs), generated through a platform, developed by Professor Lindy Durrant’s research group, which allows selection of mabs that efficiently kill tumour but do not harm normal cells. For this project mabs were selected which targeted ovarian cancer, these were then tested using fresh tumour obtained from donors. This testing allows the expression of molecules on ovarian tumours to be examined. The aim being to characterise the target of the mab, investigate the mechanism of action and determine its efficiency.

Funding Body 1: Medical Research Council

Amount provided: £100,000.00

Funding body 2: Cancer Research UK

Amount provided: £260,000.00

Co-Investigators: Prof Lindy Durrant, Dr Ian Spendlove, Dr Stephen Chan

Duration: 2009 to 2012

Publications resulting from this project are still forthcoming because the tissue collection and investigation phase has not yet been completed.

5.Project Title: Her2 Signalling and Calpain in Breast Cancer

Funding body: Breast Cancer Research Trust

Amount: £129k over 3 years

Duration: October 2012 to October 2015

Chief Investigator: Prof Stuart Martin

Co-Investigators: Dr Stephen Chan, Prof Ian Ellis

Publications resulting from this project are still forthcoming.

6.Project Title: A novel synthetic lethality and anti-cancer therapeutic approach targeting human apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease (APE1) in ovarian cancer.

Grant Name: Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Funding Body 1: Medical Research Council (MRC)

Funding Body 2: Target Ovarian Cancer

Amount: £189,432.00

Duration: 2012 to 2015

Chief Investigator: Dr Srinivasan Madhusudan

Co-Investigators: Dr Stephen Chan

Publications resulting from this project are still forthcoming.



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