Targeted Therapy

PharmacyThis term is used to describe Cancer treatments, which selectively attack a weakness or specific target in the cancer, in order to eliminate the tumour. This enables the treatment to provide the maximum therapeutic benefit for the patient, with minimal side effects.

Availability of such a therapeutic targets is totally dependent on our understanding of cancer biology; this knowledge is rapidly increasing as a result of cutting edge scientific research.

Targeted therapy includes many forms of hormone therapy in breast cancer and gynaecological cancers. They also include “antibody treatment” which binds to a specific cancer target. For example Herceptin (Trastuzumab), which blocks a cancer specific gene for the treatment of a particular type of breast cancer.

Professor Chan will assess if any of these precision medicines are appropriate as a part of your individualised treatment plan.

Furthermore experimental drugs at the advanced stage of development can be accessed in the clinical trial setting through the world-renowned Nottingham Breast Group.

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