The Journey


The Cancer Journey

Diagnosis and Support

A diagnosis of cancer evokes many questions and emotions, including; disbelief, anger, shock, distress. It is worthwhile taking someone with you in order that they can write down as much information as possible for you and provide you with support.


Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

All of the information available from yourself and the investigations undertaken will be presented to and discussed by a Multi Disciplinary Team of Radiologists, Pathologists, Surgeons, Oncologists and Specialist Nurses.

This team, takes into consideration the type and stage of the cancer, and makes a plan for the most appropriate course of treatment for your cancer.


Surgical Treatment

You may only require surgery, in which case you will be referred back to the care of your GP following your operation. You will still be followed up by the surgeon and have ongoing access to Specialist Nurses, Physiotherapists and support groups.


Oncology Treatment

If the MDT diagnoses cancer and considers that Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy or both are required to treat the cancer, you will be referred to Professor Chan who specialises in Breast and Gynaecological cancers.

Personalised Cancer Treatments

At the initial consultation Professor Chan will review and discuss your medical history, any relevant signs and symptoms along with the results from the investigations, and explain the appropriate treatment options available, including;

  • Research trials if appropriate,
  • Outlining the benefits and the possible side effects of each treatment option.
  • Individual needs and expectations will form an integral part of the treatment plan.
  • Option to have some or all of the treatment administered at home.

Friends and Family are welcome to accompany you during your treatment.

Good communication between patient and professional is imperative and empowers the patient in being fully able to participate in decision making regarding their treatment options.

Understanding brings power to participate, ensuring the patient needs and their quality of life is at the centre of any decision-making.

Specialist Nurses and Allied Professionals

Specialist Nurses, Radiographers and Allied Professionals including Physiotherapy, Psychologists, Dieticians and Complementary therapists can be involved in your treatment and made available to answer both yours and your family’s questions whenever required.

Support Family, Friends, Professionals and Survivorship

Professionals have defined roles along the course of the journey and support patients from diagnosis onward. Whereas family, friends and support groups, including Team Spirit, Bosom Buddies Art therapy, Mindfulness and Maggies’s, provide additional and individualised support both during and after treatment in order to help facilitate coping and enabling strategies for you to deal with any physical, emotional and psychological effects of the cancer and its treatment.

There is increasing awareness of the need to support “Cancer Survivorship” both during treatment and after it has finished; when normal life resumes.

The Park Cancer Centre places Survivorship at the heart of your treatment from day one and continues after your treatment finishes with access to Professor Chan’s care and referral to relevant support required by each individual in their journey.

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